Social Security health care

The objective of Social Security health care is to provide the medical and pharmaceutical services required to maintain or recover the health of its beneficiaries, as well as their ability to work. It also provides the appropriate services to complement medical and pharmaceutical aid, with special attention given to the physical rehabilitation needed to allow workers to fully recover.


• Workers included in the General Scheme, who are affiliated and have active or assimilated contributor status. To the effects of this benefit, they are considered as fully affiliated, although the employer does not meet his obligations.
• Pensioners and persons receiving periodic benefits, including unemployment benefit.
• Family members or those assimilated dependent on the above right holders:

The spouse.

Separated and divorced persons who receive a legally awarded compensatory pension from the entitlement holder.

The person who, without being the spouse of the right holder, lives in matrimony with them, at least one year before the date of the application, as well as their children.

Descendants (of both spouses or either of them), adopted children and siblings.

Ancestors of the holder and their spouse, as well as the spouses of these ancestors by later marriages.

All of the above have to meet the following requirements:

Living with and being dependent on the entitlement holder (except separated and divorced persons).

Not carrying out any paid work, or receiving income from property or pensions that is greater than two times the IPREM.

Not having the right to this benefit for a different reason.

Other entitlement holders/beneficiaries:

• Absolute orphans and descendants and siblings of workers or pensioners, when having been the holders of an orphanhood pension or pension in favour of family members, respectively, it has expired due to reaching the age, lack of means of subsistence and not covered by a person who is the holder of the right to this benefit.
• Other collectives integrated into the General Scheme to the effects of health assistance are:
• People with insufficient economic resources.
• Foreign citizens residing in Spain (with a residence card or permit), who are entitled to receive health care from the Social Security under the same terms as Spanish citizens
• Citizens from other member states of the European Union and those who are within the scope of application of EU rules, will be governed by European Union law. In the case of citizens from countries with which Spain has signed treaties, agreements or international instruments, these shall prevail over national laws.

Protected situation:

• Common or occupational disease., work-related or non-work-related injury, maternity, risk during pregnancy, risk during breastfeeding.

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